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Marcus Jackson

Marcus Jackson is a dynamic visual artist whose original artwork has begun to receive international attention.  He creates art of all sizes that is vibrant, colorful, bold and exciting.  Marcus has been praised for his impressive versatility and range of artistic styles and genres. He has created and sold a wide range of artwork from highly detailed portraits to abstract and conceptual pieces. 


Over the years, the self taught artist has been described as a “born artist” and "naturally gifted,"  Marcus began drawing during his elementary school years, and remarkably has never taken classes or lessons.  After a 13 year hiatus, Marcus re-discovered his inescapable passion and love for art in his mid- 20's.  He dove back into drawing and immediately began exploring new media, expanding his repertoire to include oils, pastels, chalk, and even wood works. 


Currently, Marcus works primarily with acrylics on canvas and wood. He custom creates each of his frames from raw wood and stretches canvasses by hand.   


Marcus has exhibited as the featured artist in art shows in California, Texas and Florida.  His work has been exhibited in several galleries, as well as shown locally at places like the Mexic-Arte Museum and Zach Theater.


In 2011, Marcus was commissioned to paint a mural inside Carlos Santana's downtown Austin restaurant, “Maria Maria”.  That sparked international attention and requests for his artwork. 


Today, his artwork hangs in homes, companies, restaurants, theaters, churches, and other venues across North America.  Marcus is inspired and fueled by the love of his family, the infinite possibilities of art, and its potential to make a difference in the world.  One of his goals it to eventually have his artwork reach every continent on the globe. 

"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better"                    ~André Gide

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