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Frequently Asked Questions:  General Information




What is the difference between Original Paintings, Canvas Prints and Poster Prints?


Original Paintings are 100% hand painted on canvas. I use acrylic, oil paints and other mediums to add other kinds of texture.

Canvas prints are the result of images printed on canvas and have no texture. We use wide format professional giclee printers.
Poster prints are the result of images printed on heavyweight high quality archival photo paper. We use wide format professional giclee printers.



What is the difference between Stretched Canvas and Unstretched Canvas?


Stretched Canvas is where the canvas wraps around the sides, stretcher bar or strainer bars, and decorative frame is not needed.

Unstretched Canvas is where the stretcher bar or strainer bars are missing and the artwork needs to be either stretched or framed in other to be hung.



Are your paintings originals or prints?


All my paintings are originals. Prints of most paintings are available as Fine Art Poster and Giclee Canvas Prints.



Do you include a Certificate of Authenticity?


Yes, every Original Painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me, embossed with my logo and includes a Fine Arts Registered Number.



Are the staples on the side or the back?


The staples are on the back. The borders of the canvas are painted, so you don't need decorative frame. However, if you prefer, you can have it framed.



What is an "Oversized" Painting?


It is a painting larger than 40"x30" on a single canvas, that if shipped flat, carriers would usually charge an adittional fee for shipping.



What is the difference between Gloss and Matte Varnish?


Glossy Varnish tends to richen the colors, is very shiny, and has the highest reflectivity. Matte Varnish has no sheen, creates less glare, and colors are dull. I usually add one or two coats of glossy varnish to all original paintings and one coat to canvas prints. However, if you prefer a matte finish look, please contact me before purchasing the artwork and I’ll be glad to add matte varnish for you.



Do canvas prints have texture?


No, canvas prints don't have any texture. However, if you wish, I can add few paint strokes to the canvas (embellishment) upon request.



Why do some Paintings have a link: "Contact Us"?


Because they are being exhibited in a show or gallery or they are on hold for an upcoming event. If you are interested in the artwork, please contact me and I will provide you with information about the painting, and how to buy it.



Which mediums and chemicals do you use to create your original paintings?


I mostly use acrylics and sometimes pastels and oils (professional grade). Other mediums like molding or modeling pastes and gels are also applied to some of my artwork. I use high gloss varnish to protect the paintings for years. If you are allergic to any of these mediums and/or solvents, please contact us before purchasing the artwork.



Are the borders of the canvas painted?


All Original Paintings have painted borders. Sometimes the painting continues on the sides of the canvas and in other cases the borders are painted with a solid color like black or dark brown, depending on the artwork. If you need information about the borders of a particular painting, contact us any time.



Can you make a custom Painting for me?


Yes, I accept commissions for custom Paintings. You may select a painting and the colors you are interested in. I will paint an original from scratch based on your request. Remember, each original is unique, and never an exact duplicate of another. For information about how to order, click on Commissions.



What unit of measure do you use for your artwork dimensions?


We generally use inches (ex. 40"). However, all original artwork is also listed in feet (where applicable) and centimeters.



How do I ensure that my paintings will last?


Original paintings have at least one coat of varnish to protect against dust, UV light, etc. As long as you treat your painting as fine art, avoiding extreme temperatures, humidity, etc., your painting will last for years in its original condition. For more information, visit Fine Art Care Guide.



Is the image the exact artwork I will receive?


Yes, for original paintings. No, for printing products such as canvas, posters, cards, accessories, etc. Since we print on demand, images are for reference only.



Will the colors match what I see on my monitor?


Photos are taken with a high resolution digital camera to ensure accuracy. However, colors vary from monitor to monitor. If you need an exact color match, you can purchase a small poster print or contact us for color information.



If I need more Information or I have a question, how can I contact you?


For further information read the terms, or contact us.

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